Recruitment Consultants: Do you feel like a cog in a wheel?

There are many conversations surrounding recruitment organisations and the ineffectiveness of top-down leadership, and how this model may have run its course. Most recruitment consultants are no longer content to work in a ‘do it because I said so’ environment, where employees are made to feel disconnected and ultimately disengaged.

This point was touched upon in a Ted Talk podcast I listened to on the way home from work yesterday by Sir Ken Robinson. During the talk, Sir Ken discussed how the current education system works against engaging students to learn, and how teaching the profession is more concerned with disseminating information rather than teaching students how to learn. Robinson believes that the way the education system is designed today, kills creativity in students by encouraging homogeneity and standardisation. I believe that the same can be said for most work environments, including a lot of stereotypical recruitment agencies.

Are you terrified of making a mistake? Do you have unrealistic targets that you feel under pressure to reach? Is much of your time at work spent feeling anxious and stressed? Time should be devoted to nurturing your growth, creativity and connectedness. I believe that the root cause of this mentality is tied up in the ineffectiveness of top-down leadership. Ken Robinson sums this up brilliantly when he says: “The real role of leadership is not command and control, but climate control.”

I am a director of a recruitment company and I speak to recruitment consultants in the Bristol area on a regular basis. I’ve witnessed a loss of big picture thinking from the managers of these firms. Companies are losing good billers, due to micro-management and lack of trust that these employees can actually do their job. The potential earnings for recruitment consultants, is placed second to a sense of belonging within a firm. People want to feel valued at work- we are no longer living in an era where individuals are merely a cog in a wheel, consultants are now concerned with company culture, organisational values, personal growth, and their career goals.

For modern day organisations to thrive, and for recruitment consultants to feel engaged, the roles of top-down leadership and micro-management should be tossed aside. By empowering people at all levels of an organisation, the culture of that organisation makes a radical shift, because everyone becomes invested in making things better. Allowing people freedom, gives them the motivation to turn up to work every morning, unleashing a wave of creativity that a lot of businesses are lacking.

Here at Recruit UK, our office supports a family feel culture, with friendly and supportive employees. The environment is lively, engaging and fun- and the managers/directors enjoy a laugh too!

We actively promote freedom and thought to all employees, ensuring that our staff feel valued and supported every single day.

We offer exceptional training opportunities, continually mentoring and nurturing talent in all roles and levels within the business. We guide employees through the steps required to become successful in their position, with our in-house training academy and experienced in-house coaches.  Rather than a ‘sink or swim’ environment that is common in the industry, management work closely with each employee to develop them to the best of their ability. I believe this allows our consultants to productively contribute towards their own goals. We reward self-improvement with weekly, monthly and quartile incentives, which include lunch clubs, raffles, bottles of wine, holidays- and day trips such as race days, go karting, sporting events, and spa days. Our staff are important to us- better engagement means better productivity! Whether you’re a seasoned recruitment consultant or a trainee embarking on a new role, our culture and ethos will ensure that you are a success and you learn whilst you earn.

Check out our Work for Us page where you’ll find everything you need to know about a career with us and how we can help you reach your ambitions.


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