How breaking down your degree can help steer you into the right graduate role.

Trying to decide which career to go into when you finish university? You may think there is only a limited ‘type’ of job on offer for you based on your choice of study.

However, figuring out what graduate job you’d like to do doesn’t just come down to your degree subject. For example, in Finance, you will find that your options range from advisor or broker, to HR and marketing.

So, before you dismiss certain job industries all together, be sure to break down the topics you have covered during your studies to help you figure out the graduate opportunities available to you.

By module

A good place for you to start is to write down all of the modules you have covered throughout your degree and then rate them from most to least liked.

Then, when it comes to job hunting you can ensure that your search for companies specialises in the topics that you most enjoy and excel in.

By assessment

After 3 or more years of studying, no doubt you’ll be familiar by now with the assessment types that you do and don’t like.

Whether it be a timed exam, a project, a detailed research report or a presentation. Everyone has their preferences.

Fast paced, time pressured jobs may include a recruitment consultant or a financial broker. Whereas roles that focus on presenting or interacting with people could include a HR role.

However, you are not limited to one sector. Often, you can find similar types of jobs across different sectors.

By ways of learning

You may prefer drawing visuals, reading and writing or explaining topics to others when learning. Deciding which way works best for you may help you discover a career that is going to keep you engaged and focussed in your new role.


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