Top Interview Questions by Recruit UK

Here at Recruit UK, we have put together our top questions to get the most out of your candidates at interview.

“Tell me about the last piece of constructive feedback you received, and what you did as a result.” It helps to understand the candidate’s opportunities to improve, it exposes their humility and self-awareness (or, sometimes their lack of it). It will give you a window into how they generally process negative feedback and approach self-improvement.

 Frankie Pailing, Head of South East Regulated Desk


What are you seeing in the market that excites you/why and on the flip side of the coin what’s happening in the industry that concerns you/why?

 John Anderson, Senior South West Search Consultant


“What’s the best part of your job?” It’s a simple question, but the answers can really illuminate a candidate’s drivers and shed light on things traditional interview questions might not. Understanding what’s important to candidates will help you gauge how your opportunity aligns with their value drivers and things that make them happy

    Louise Sheppard, Head of Non-Regulated Desk- London and the South East


“Is there anything additional that didn’t come up today that you think would be helpful for me to know?” You’ll be amazed at the information you gather. Relevant project work, competing offer deadlines, background check concerns, awards and achievements, etc. The open nature of the question allows all sorts of information to come out that will help you make a much more informed decision. It’s also great for candidate experience because no one will leave the interview feeling that there was something important that was left unsaid.

 Louise Bibb, Regional Manager of the South West Desk 


“If chosen for this position, how will you evaluate your own success?” If the candidate’s answer focuses on continuous learning, contributing in a team environment, or adding to the company’s bottom line, it’s a good sign!

 Lacey Catley, South West Recruitment Consultant


“Why do you want to work here?” You already have all the technical details about their skills, experience, background, etc. from the resume. Dig into what interested them to come to you. Was it money? Perks? Culture? Were they inspired by your mission or did they hear what a great place it is to work? These details will let you know they’ve done the research and actually want to work for you because they saw something they like, not just because there was a vacancy.

Sam Oakes, Recruitment Director- Midlands and The North


Here at Recruit UK we offer and promote interview tips and training, are you asking the right questions? Are you hiring based on gut instinct or evidence? Our consultants interview every day and can provide preparation to help you stand out from your competitor and make the right hire. Call us today on 01179 450450.

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