Recruitment Consultant – Bristol

recruitukltd Salary: £18k- £30k

This is a different kind of recruitment role, and a different kind of company. Recruit UK are redefining the stereotypical recruiter environment, we don’t have a stack it high and sell it cheap mentality, so you don’t need to worry about the one in one out culture with us.  We only recruit when we have something spectacular to offer, and right now we have 2 outstanding opportunities within the central Bristol office.

We don’t take punts on our new recruits; the role of a recruiter is tough enough as it is.  So, you must be the right fit for the role.

This means

  • You must have a clear and concise telephone manner as 90% of your time is spent talking to people on the phone.
  • Money must motivate you, we pay high basic and up to 40% bonus and offer great incentives on top, such as holidays, shopping sprees, lunch clubs and £5,000 Lump sum payments.
  • A positive attitude is everything, if you’re a glass is half empty type recruiter then you’re not right for us! We want drive, determination and a ‘do it now’ mentality.
  • Competitiveness is celebrated in recruitment, if the thought of coming last motivates you to work harder and smarter, you will love Recruitment.
  • You need to look after yourself, recruitment is stressful, this is why we don’t force you to work 12-hour days. We encourage you to leave at 5pm and get some exercise and rest! Tomorrow is another day.
  • You must embrace marketing in all its forms, this includes the telephone! We have an in-house marketing and admin team to help you do what you do best, speak to people!
  • Learning and change must excite you, we train you on all areas of recruitment and the financial planning industry as this will be the industry you are recruiting in.
  • You accept that disappointment is part of the job, and you bounce back quickly. Because trust me, you will experience some disappointment in this role.
  • You have a deal song, we love a good celebration in the office and we expect you to be blasting out a banger when you seal the deal! (No Coldplay)
  • Ideally you come from a recruitment or sales environment, this isn’t a trainee role I’m afraid.  We want you to hit the ground running- we have clients and candidates ready and waiting!
  • Career progression must excite you, we have a clear framework in place for progression. Will you be the next director?

The two open vacancies we are hiring for will not be starting up a cold desk- we are not taking a punt on you so why take a punt on us?!

We give you clients and candidates to work with and all the support and tools a modern recruiter needs to get the job done.

You will slot into a friendly and knowledgeable team, we all recruit in the same market and have a share culture for the greater good of the company. This helps you get up to speed in record time.

We have a two-stage interview process which involves an initial telephone chat and an interview that involves a role play. Remember landing a great job shouldn’t come easy, however we don’t drag it out- it’s all done in one day.

Apply for the role, if you genuinely want to work in recruitment and the above hasn’t put you off!

We can’t wait to meet you.

To apply for this job email your details to