On-line Image is important when recruiting for your business..


There is no magic wand to attracting the best talent in the marketplace. As a business you need to ensure your best foot is always forward.

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In a modern world your online presence is of vital importance. Your website is your shop front and, invariably, it is the first port of call for new clients and potential new employees.

All too often applicants can be put off from meeting prospective new employers as a result of their poor online image and the functionality of their website. As important as your ability to effectively screen those seeking career opportunities, is your company’s projection of its high standards and prospects to candidates.

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Outdated and poorly designed pages, lacking in social media enhancements, fail to celebrate the successes of your business. With the increase in smartphone use, websites need to be mobile friendly. Failure to adapt will reduce your chances of attracting the right individuals and business mandates.

Staff feel more professional knowing that their website acts as their online business card. It needs to be maintained and updated, professional and user friendly, for their current clients and potential new client targets. Avoid losing business from poor branding and appearance.

Here at Recruit UK, we also offer a digital agency service. The benefit of working with us, to improve your online image, is that we already know what the market looks like, where it is headed, how you need to separate yourself from your competitors and enhance your place within it. We can work with you to improve your online image and in tandem with your recruitment strategy.

To discuss how we can help, contact Sam Oakes to arrange an initial telephone consultation.” 01179450450

To find out more and book an informal discussion at a place of your convince contact me today.

www.recruitukltd.co.uk for financial planning vacancies![/fusion_text]

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