The Race For Talent

When recruiting there’s nothing more frustrating than the moment when the person you offer declines, or worse still accepts the offer and then declines at a later date.  Some companies put this down to bad luck, which results in ploughing on regardless, doing the same thing and hoping the luck falls in your favour.  Some companies adjust remuneration in the hope it will out price other firms, others fish in a slightly different pool of candidates, and others simply speed up their recruitment process.

Whether you like it or not the chances are that the candidate you are interviewing will be courted by a number of rival firms, and no matter how good your proposition your chances of securing the candidates signature decreases. The candidate has the control and will chose the firm best suited to their needs but also the one who has interviewed in the most professional manner.  It’s important to remember that it’s your proposition that will secure the candidates interest to interview but often the recruitment process that secures the signature.

So what can you implement to secure the ideal candidate?

The great news is that it’s simple to do and in most cases free.

1)      Be professional at all times, this includes having a meeting room booked and being on time for meetings., if you have a receptionist make sure they greet the candidate by name.

2)      Be prepared for the interview, know who you are interviewing, review their CV a couple of times, prepare questions.

3)      Know how to sell your company, the tangible benefits not some pie in the sky promises. Interviews are a two-way process.

4)      Recruit in a timely fashion, the most successful of our clients turn around their recruitment process in 3-4 weeks, you’ll be amazed how much impact this has.

5)      Provide honest, prompt feedback (within 48 hours)

6)      Let them meet one or two staff members.

7)      Don’t make promises in the interview that you can’t keep.

8)      Don’t discuss remuneration package at interview and then offer less.

9)      This one isn’t free, update your website, it’s your shop window to both potential employees but also their clients.

10)   Once the candidate accepts your offer ingratiate them in your culture, invite them to team building events.

Where can Recruit UK help?

We offer free of charge consultancy to all clients regarding their recruitment strategy, whether it’s market insight into remuneration package or streamlining their interview process.  We can help source the best candidates in the market and advise on how you can best secure their signature in a cost efficient manner.

For more information please contact us on 01179 450450, or alternatively send us an email to

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