The truth about job boards

For most of our candidates, using job boards is not the solution to their job search, in fact our research shows that they can be little more than a time wasting tool. Most job boards have two aspects to them, the ability to search and apply for a job and the “option” of having your details on a CV database.

Many candidates are unaware that hundreds, if not thousands of direct employers and recruitment agents pay to access the CV database and to post jobs. The key things to know about many of the job boards is to be aware of what happens to your details when you register. It often comes as a shock to many that as soon as you type in your personal details and upload your CV that any and everyone who subscribes to that job board now have access to your contact details, your employment history, including who to contact for references. You may think this is no big deal, unfortunately you are now at the hands of some very unscrupulous individuals and companies, some who don’t give two hoots about you and what is done with your CV. Some of them only care about getting your CV (often without your permission) to as many companies as possible, in order to gain “ownership” over your submittal.

Only yesterday, one of our staff spoke to a candidate whose details were on a job board, within an hour they had 10 voice mail messages to sift through, only one of them was about the job they had applied for.

Most job boards will automatically put your details on a CV database for all and sundry to access, the only way to stop this happening is to click an “opt-out” box, if you are going to apply for a job on a job board, our advice is to find and click that box.

Recruit UK only send your details to a client with your permission, unfortunately by having your CV on a job board you are exposing yourself to agencies sending your details on mass to all their clients, without you knowing and without you having any control. Your name, address and job history in the inbox of 10, 20, 30 people. Companies you may not want to work for, positions that you know nothing about and over exposure of your candidature.

We regularly speak to candidates who have put their details on a job board and their current employer finding out due to accessing the job board or from being told by someone else, the implications of this are obvious.

In our experience the jobs available on line offer a very small insight into the real job market, often the jobs most suitable for you need to be sourced by a different approach, many of our clients don’t advertise jobs. The chances are the job you apply for via a job board will not be the job most suitable for you.

Our advice is always the same, job boards can serve their purpose if approached in the correct manner. Search out jobs, apply for the most suitable and keep your CV off of the database. In an ideal world we would suggest using a trusted recruitment company who offer a consultative approach and discuss your specific requirements, suitable opportunities and provide an in-depth background into the clients and what they can offer you. With this information, you can conduct your own due diligence and establish which you would like your tailored CV submitted to.

This blog was written by Stuart Leaney, Director of Recruit UK a Financial Services Recruitment Specialist. Visit to find out more or if you are actively looking to hire or make a career change contact the office on 01179450450 to speak to an experienced recruiter in your area.

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