Financial Advisers are you wearing too many hats?

Are you a wearing too many hats?  Paraplanner, Lead generator, Administrator, marketer as well as a financial planner all rolled into one? Perhaps you are working to outdated processes, stuck in the quick sand of archaic systems that leave you twiddling your thumbs instead of submitting and writing more business! The question is why are you still holding onto all these tasks? Why add more pressure and stress to your daily life, it’s time to let go and hand these tasks over to an experienced qualified professional and focus on what you do best, Financial Planning.

We all require more support and more often than not we tend to put up and shut up instead of actually making a change. Change take confidence, vision and strong leadership, are you convinced that your current management have the ability to take you to where you want to be?

Does your current company have a strong online strategy that’s mobile friendly and promotes your brand as being a leader in what you do?  Is your current firm seeking out ways to get you in front of more clients by engaging lead generation websites and working strategically with professional introducers? Are they making it easy for your clients to engage with you and remember you when it comes to those vital referrals?  Again if this is NO then why are you still there?

Recruit UK are representing a Chartered financial planning firm who by researching the mistakes that other firms like yours are making have created a company that have revolutionised the way advisers do their jobs.

  • Lead generation that works, with a contract agreement to provide a minimum of 2 appointments per week. Aiming to supplement your business by 50% (Currently writing 50k they will get you to 100k)
  • Highly competitive earning potential with no hidden charges, fees, or tie ins.
  • Highly skilled administration and Para planning team, working hard in the background whilst you push forward to see more clients.
  • Cutting edge cloud based, easy to use systems that are mobile and tablet friendly. Giving you complete autonomy to work where and how you want.
  • Invested heavily in web marketing, they have an outstanding virtual shop window that attracts new clients and makes their brand stand out head and shoulders above the rest. Coupled with affinity connections and social media that works.
  • Advice risk control that works, analytical tools and specialist outsourced compliance to investigate a higher level of risk.
  • A management team that have a proven background in making businesses a success, visionaries that are proactively seeking out ways evolve the business so you don’t have to worry about being left behind by your competitors.

If the above hasn’t done enough to persuade you to meet our client for an informal discussion then perhaps hearing from someone who works there might.

“The support is second to none, I didn’t realise just how much time I wasted in my previous firm. I met with a number of other companies that were all offering the holy grail of financial planning but all that glitters was not gold. This company have stayed true to their word, my diary is full, I have reduced administration and my clients are happy to recommend their friends and families, I believe this is due to their professional, subtle marketing that puts them head and shoulders above any other advice firm in the industry”

To find out more and book an informal discussion at a place of your convince contact us today on 01179 450450

Or click here for all of our financial planning vacancies!

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