Why Company Culture Matters When Recruiting

A huge part of recruiting and hiring in a competitive market is creating a culture that people want to be a part of. Company culture has become a massive importance for candidates when assessing organisations. Having a great company culture is no longer just an option. Today’s workers consider it as much as they consider salary and benefits. For many of today’s modern job-seekers, they are not just looking for a job that pays the rent; they are looking for something more than just a desk and a computer; they are looking for an identity linked to their role. They want a company with a personality.

Company culture is a tough thing to get right and yet, more often than not, a business does not put any work into developing its own internal culture.

Culture is about establishing a North Star and pointing everyone within the business in that direction. At Recruit UK, we have spent a lot of time identifying the behaviours we value, what works for our employees and the type of business we want to represent. Our values are integrated in everything we do and is the reason we are fuelled by the notion of ‘continuous improvement.’

The ‘fit’ is important

A strong company culture will make it easier to hire and retain great members of staff for your organisation. When recruiting, we believe you should never compromise on cultural fit. Even the perfect employee can be a mistake hire if they don’t fit your company culture. An employee could have amazing professional skills, but a negative attitude can have a bad impact and bring the whole team down.

Organisations want to hire the best people and it is important that they embrace your company values. When recruiting, it is important to determine not only as to whether the candidate will fit in, but whether they will be able to succeed at your organisation through making lasting and important relationships. The relationships we create among our colleagues in turn have a positive influence on our ability to succeed and deliver business results.

Here at Recruit UK we believe everyone in our company has a responsibility to help each other find success. We spend a lot of time and energy in training everyone to help build a purposeful culture that keeps all employees motivated. Our office has a family feel, with friendly and supportive colleagues, the directors take an active interest in the business, and we ensure that each employee feels valued and supported every single day.

How can you help your business keep those values alive?

  1. Define what is important to your organisation. Look at your company’s mission statement, core values and strategic goals.
  2. Measure and understand your culture. Send surveys to identify strengths and pain points, provide channels for anonymous feedback.
  3. Establish direction. Assess and prioritise pain points, send follow-up surveys if needed. Brainstorm and research culture initiatives, always look for specific processes to improve.
  4. Implement change. Managers are crucial catalysts for successful change; provide an induction and ongoing training.
  5. Refine and reiterate. Culture is dynamic and therefore must be managed on an ongoing basis; do regular surveys, analyse metrics to understand change over time and experiment with new culture initiatives.

There is no shortcut to building a good company culture, but whether you are looking to recruit or retain existing employees, it is worth the effort. If you would like some advice on how we can help bring the A-game to your organisation and build a successful company people want to be a part of, then call us today on 01179 450450. We’d love to see how we can offer advice to enhance your recruitment process.

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