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Top tips for staying focused as a self-employed adviser

April 17, 2020

Being a self-employed financial adviser allows you a lot of flexibility. However, it is easy to become distracted which can have a detrimental effect on your services – and subsequently, your clients too. As more and more advisers find themselves working from home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve put together some helpful advice to help you stay motivated. So whether you’re a seasoned self-employed adviser or suddenly find yourself working from home, if you’re struggling to stay focused, read on to discover our top tips and find out how partnering with a firm such as Foster Denovo can help.

The struggle to stay motivated

When you first branch out on your own or start working from home, you’ll be so excited to get going that motivation won’t be an issue at all. However, somewhere down the line, your motivation will probably start to wane. For self-employed financial advisers, the pressures of running a business, managing clients and other aspects of owning a company can result in higher levels of stress and anxiety, whereas those that aren’t used to working remotely might struggle to stay focused without the routine of office life. This has a knock-on effect on your wellbeing, which means you might find it hard to stay motivated. If you’re struggling, try these top motivation tips:

Get off to the right start – Get up, get showered, eat a good breakfast and sit down at your desk. Even though you’re working from home, it’s important to keep your morning routine as normal as possible. 

Create a good working environment – Try and set aside an office space or working environment, even if it has to be at your kitchen table. The important thing is to have a clear distinction between ‘home’ space and ‘working’ space, so when you sit down at your desk, you’re in the right headspace straight away.

Make a schedule and set objectives – Create a clear schedule for your day and stick to it. From business development to reviewing portfolios, preparing forecasts and administration tasks, keep your schedule at home as similar to what it would be in the office. 

Don’t be sedentary – Currently, government guidelines say people can go outside for a period of exercise each day, so use this as a chance to clear your head. And if you can’t get outside, you could even try and work out at home – anything to keep you from being sedentary.

About Foster Denovo

Foster Denovo is a multi-award-winning wealth management firm that partners with self-employed financial advisers to deliver top quality advice to clients across the country. With over 80 Partners and 200 employees, they’re small enough to be flexible yet big enough to make an impact. Joining Foster Denovo as a Partner allows self-employed financial advisers to have the best of both worlds: they have access to top training programmes and can enjoy the team culture, while still having the autonomy to manage their own business and client bank individually.

How Foster Denovo can help you stay motivated 

As a Foster Denovo Partner, you will be part of a larger supportive team, which means there is the chance to talk to others, reduce pressure and stay motivated – and you’ll also benefit from the backup and support of paraplanners and administrators so you can dedicate your time to growing your client list and generating business. What’s more, there’s also plenty of marketing and IT support to help make sure you get your brand out there, and they will also take the headache out of compliance, too. Here are a few of the ways Foster Denovo can help self-employed advisers stay motivated:

Benefit from the team culture

The Foster Denovo business structure and culture is like no other financial services firm. Why? Because Foster Denovo’s winning business culture aims to support its Partners in succeeding. With a strong emphasis placed on business sharing and support, as a Foster Denovo Partner, you will feel part of a strong team who actively reach out to help and support each other. And with such a strong team of knowledgeable people behind you, your clients will have complete confidence in your business too!

Improve your skills with ongoing training and development

As a Foster Denovo Partner, you’ll also benefit from access to their award-winning training and development programme, Quantum Leap. The training is designed to give financial advisers the skills, knowledge and strategies they need to increase productivity and grow their client list. In fact, the main objective of the Quantum Leap programme is to help Partners optimise their service levels and double turnover – and Partners also have access to mentoring, group training and regular assignments to help keep them motivated throughout the programme and help them get to where they want to be. In addition to the Quantum Leap programme, Foster Denovo also run a number of other training programmes for Partners to help keep them motivated, and there is ongoing mentoring and support from Equity Partners too.

Be part of a supportive environment

From events programmes and regular communication to an accessible executive team, Foster Denovo engage with all of their Partners. They value the opinion and contribution of every single Partner, which is why they hold regular ‘We are listening’ and ‘Working with you’ sessions to listen to Partner’s feedback so they can continue to improve. What’s more, they also hold various committees designed for feedback from a representative group of Partners and staff, and there’s an Advice Policy Committee design to consider important policy decisions. Essentially, what makes Foster Denovo different from other firms is their supportive environment and culture of development and improvement that is embedded throughout the business and accessible to everyone.

Access the latest technology

Working with a firm such as Foster Denovo also gives you access to the latest IT solutions. So if you’re not tech-savvy yourself, don’t worry: you’ll be able to benefit from essential IT services such as email, intranet and remote access. You’ll also have access to cash flow modelling and financial planning tools, as well as spam and virus detection controls – but without the headache of doing it yourself. Which means you can improve efficiency and make sure your business runs smoothly without any technical delays – and if anything goes wrong, there is a support team on hand to help fix any problems! There’s also the benefit of back-office support from admin, and paraplanning teams such as this means that you can focus your attention on acquiring and retaining new clients to build your business.

Want to find out more?

If you want to find out more about the opportunities currently available with Foster Denovo, contact Recruit UK today.


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