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Financial Planning: Hiring in a Candidate Driven Market
November 25, 2021

Financial Planning: Hiring in a Candidate Driven Market

Right now, we are hiring in a candidate driven market. What do we mean by that? Well in the financial planning profession, there are less…

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November 29, 2020

What’s the true cost of becoming a financial planner or paraplanner? A definitive guide.

Pursuing a career in financial planning can be as rewarding as it is challenging. But success in this field, whether as a paraplanner or financial…

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April 17, 2020

Top tips for staying focused as a self-employed adviser

Being a self-employed financial adviser allows you a lot of flexibility. However, it is easy to become distracted which can have a detrimental effect on…

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      Investment managers like you are in high demand so it’s always wise to know where you fit in the jobs market, and if you could be in a better role. As financial services specialists, this is something we know well and can help you understand it too with a free career MOT.

      We’ll take the time to get to know you, your motivations, your frustrations and what you are great at in your job. We’ll also discuss with you where you are now in your career, and where it could you lead you in the future, helping you to realise your potential. And we will always give you honest feedback as to whether you are in a good position or if there are better options out there.

      Although our headquarters are based in Bristol in the South West, we recruit for positions across the whole of the UK, giving a local touch with our regional offices. So, you’re sure to get the best-of-the-best knowledge and expertise wherever you are in the country. 

      We are experienced in having meaningful conversations with investment management professionals like you to understand your expertise, your background and your ambitions. And with our extensive network of contacts, we have a great track record in making successful long-term placements. We have lots of different investment management roles available, some of which include wealth planner, investment administrator and specialist investment adviser. So, whether you’re just starting your career, or are at the top of your game, we can help you.

      We have very strong relationships with many investment firms as we are renowned for making successful investment manager placements. Don’t hesitate to contact a member of our professional and friendly team to discuss your career options in this sector and find out what’s right for you. As mentioned, we’ll start with a free career MOT before advising you on the best route for you.