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Benefits of Hiring Through a Niche Financial Planning Recruiter

March 22, 2017

Industry articles have long been forecasting the decline of recruitment companies, in the face of growing competition from job boards, internal recruitment teams and social networking sites. However, the industry continues to thrive, offering an important route for sourcing the best talent. There remains a core need for niche recruitment specialists to find talent for companies, whilst helping that talent become hireable.

Direct hiring can be difficult if you have no experience or expertise in the recruitment process. Recruit UK are niche recruiters who specialise in Financial Planning. We invest time in building long term relationships with our clients so that we can thoroughly understand and cater for their resourcing needs. This will include appraising their current recruitment techniques and looking for ways in which it can be improved. We also specialise in identifying passive candidates and converting them into active prospects.

So, what are the benefits of using a recruiter, such as ourselves, vs direct hiring?

Knowledge of the market

The best recruiters consistently keep themselves up to date with their specialist market. Our consultants have an in-depth knowledge of the financial planning market, and several them are former regulated advisers themselves. We are niche in our field, and specialise in recruiting only for Financial Planning roles. Our consultants have knowledge of the available talent including where they are, and how to best approach them. Keeping their finger on the pulse also keeps our consultants in the loop regarding salary rates, career expectations and available skill sets. We act as partners, and are your eyes and ears in the market.

Time saved

Time is money, using a recruiter can save you time. We will take care of the beginning steps of the hiring process. Out of the hundreds of applicants to your posting, a significant number of applicants will not be qualified, or simply not appropriate for the job opening. Finding the right applicants to interview will take a great amount of time and effort.

Extended reach

The best candidates are hard to find. Most are passive or not actively looking. These candidates are often selective about the job advertisements they respond too and will not see themselves as part of your talent pool. Here at Recruit UK, we have the networks, skills, and experiences, to be able to connect you with talented Financial Planners who would usually be off your hiring radar, this includes candidates that are currently employed elsewhere.

Candidates not applicants

A lot of the applications from advert responses may not be a good match for the role you are trying to fill. A lot of time will be invested in filtering, assessing, matching, and communicating with these applicants. Here at Recruit UK we will ensure you only get to see candidates – job seekers who have been selected as a match for the criteria you are looking for and who are worthy of your consideration.

Help with employer brand

Many businesses don’t invest into developing marketing and their employer brand. We can give potential candidates a real insight into your business- such as what it’s like to work there, benefits, career opportunities and company culture. Let us spend time getting to know you, then we can represent you as the employer of choice. If a candidate checks your business out on social media, it should be representing your business in the best light possible.

Peace of mind

Recruit UK have a proven track-record of finding the right employees for the job. During the interview process with our narrowed down candidates you can feel confident with your final hiring decision. We work hard to deliver an amazing service to all clients, ensuring you are provided with high calibre candidates in the Financial Services industry.


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