CV writing tips

The average employer will spend no longer than 8 seconds looking at a CV, this means you have 8 seconds to grab their attention!

We have complied our 8 top hints on how to get yourself to the top of the pile.

1. Keep it real

Now that we know the average employer will spend no longer than 8 seconds looking at a CV, we need to ensure we grab their attention straight away- avoid telling your whole life story and making it too long! A CV should be simple, easy to follow and no longer than 2 pages. Save all the finer details for the interview!

2. Tailor to the job role

Take the time to alter your CV to each job role you are applying to. We know this takes time but by researching the company and finding out exactly what they are looking for, will enable you to showcase the desired skills and make you stand out against other applicants.

3. Keep it current

Ensure that you update your CV every time something significant occurs in your career, record it so that you don’t forget important dates and events in the future. 

4. Be honest

Employers will check your background and references upon your acceptance of employment. The last thing you want to do it get caught out!

5. Include stats

Include statistics to back up your achievements. Numbers also make selling yourself that much easier. When talking about your career history don’t just state that you increased sales, give your potential employer some figures to work with- I increased sales by 70% in 12 months.

6. Don’t leave gaps

Leaving obvious gaps in your employment may look suspicious to the recruiter. If you have been out of work doing a course, volunteer work or developing your skills- shout about it! Don’t leave blanks.

7. Make it look good

Take some time to make your CV look professional. Ensure you choose a readable font with a clear structure and layout that is easy on the eye. You may even want to get creative some graphic design to really make yourself stand out!

8. Make it keyword friendly

If you have uploaded your CV to a job site for recruiters to find you, it is important that you locate powerful key words in the job description and include these in your CV. Be sure your profiles and social accounts are also coordinated in this effort with strong keyword-driven headers.

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