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Elements of an inspiring ‘work for us’ page on your site

March 6, 2018

The war of talent is hotter than ever right now in the Financial Services industry. Over the last 20 years, our jobs and careers have been dramatically transformed. There seems to be much more of a desire to be a part of a mission rather than a safe lifetime career at an established organisation. Employees are also far more likely to jump from one opportunity to the next.

To attract the best talent to your company, candidates must be convinced to buy into your mission. Here at Recruit UK we believe this starts with a compelling ‘work for us’ page on your website. This is the first thing the candidate will see when searching your business online, it also allows the potential applicant to discover why they would want to work for you- this is your chance to sell your firm!

One of our consultants had an awkward conversation with a client of ours the other day, where after searching their organisation online, found a very uninteresting and unengaging ‘work for us’ page. Our consultant had to explain to the client that this page is your chance to showcase your company, your benefits package, your mission and what it’s like to work for you etc- You want people to buy into your brand- Why is your firm better than their previous firm? What are your unique selling points?

It is our job as recruiters to sell the role and your firm to the candidate, however a candidate will always do their own research, using your website to support what they have been proposed.

Here are 9 elements of ways to inspire your “Work for us” page, that you can use to attract the very best talent to your company.

1)      Benefits of working for you

What are the benefits of working for you? Do you let your employees set their own schedule? Are you flexible with giving them the freedom to work when it suits them? Do you promote a work/ life balance? Not only does this make for a better working life but it also allows you to get the most from your employees when they are most productive. If this is something you offer- broadcast it on your work for us page.

2)      The unique selling points of your company

Not everyone is entirely financially motivated. Do you offer unique opportunities to your staff? If your employees hit target, do you have monthly/ quarterly and yearly rewards? Maybe you offer a company holiday as an incentive? Other unique selling points could be extra holiday hours, bonuses, training schemes, support systems you have in place, state of the art technology, company discounts etc

3)      Your vision

Part of being satisfied in your work is the on-going achievement and reaching for a goal. It allows a group of talented people to work together every day to work towards a vision and be rewarded financially along the way. Vision is an important aspect of the future growth of a company. Without a clear vision, you are unlikely to attract the best talent as people want to know what they are ultimately working towards.

4)      Design to your strengths

If you already have incredibly talented people working at your organisation, utilise their strengths to create a really unique “Work for us” page. Showcase your top performers and include referrals from clients. Talented people want to surround themselves with even more talented people, so play to your strengths.

5)      Appeal to specific people you want to work for you

You may be looking for a specific person to join and grow your company. You could do this by highlighting the specific skills you are looking for. By appealing directly to them, instead of having a generic careers page, you have a much better chance of securing the services of the very best people.

6)      Show off your office space

Having the opportunity to work in a relaxed and comfortable environment will be a huge appeal for anyone who has previously worked in a depressing office. Talented people want to be excited to come to work and spend the majority of their time in a place they enjoy. If you have a beautifully designed office space, show it off!

7)      Highlight your fun side

The best jobs are a mixture of accomplishing goals, doing exciting and fulfilling work and having fun along the way. If you can show your company’s fun side, and show that your current employees enjoy and are happy in their jobs, you will attract people who really want to join the team, and not just pick up a pay slip.

8)      Join the ‘family’

As an employee, you are going to be spending more time with your colleagues than you spend with your family. As an employer, you need to show that your team has that family vibe, where everyone is in it for the right reasons and there will be the support and guidance any potential applicant will need. If you can make joining your company feel like joining a family, applicants will be far more likely to want to work for you.

9)      Become a part of something huge

Everyone wants to feel a sense of pride when they talk about their work, and feel truly happy with the path they are on. You don’t have to be a huge firm like Google to make a change in the world. Small companies can produce amazing work too, and make a difference in the lives that they touch. Being a part of something exciting is one of the biggest appeals for a candidate looking to join a company, so make sure you mention this on your page!


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