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September 22, 2017

“After a successful first few months working at Recruit UK, it’s made me reflect on my career as a recruitment consultant, as well as making me realise what I really want from a company and the direction I would like my career to take.

During my interview process, finding the right agency for me was critical and most of them spoke about the team and how they were like a family. This is a great selling point for anyone looking to work in an environment they will feel comfortable in

Well let me start by saying that I’ve never had a warmer welcome to any company before and I can honestly say that after just a few months with Recruit UK, I feel fully integrated into the Recruit UK family. Everyone works so well together as a team, even across different divisions in the company, and I really believe it’s what makes the atmosphere in the office so great!

All the consultants have varying levels of experience within the office, as I know with just over a year of previous experience myself, there’s always something new to learn from other people. I don’t think any consultant can say that they are the finished article and an absolute expert in everything to do with recruitment, so having a team with different levels of experience really helps.

I currently recruit for Paraplanning and Admin roles in the South West, and the team I work with are excellent! We are not competing against each other on our desk, leads and industry knowledge is shared for the greater good of the business. The fact that we work on hot desks, gave me instant clients, vacancies, candidates and leads.

Louise Bibb has been a great mentor for me, her approach is to always be honest, direct and to never be afraid to ask too many questions. John Anderson has a wealth of knowledge and so much experience within the Financial Services industry. These two have become my ‘go-to’ people should I need any help and I feel privileged to be a part of a team that are so excellent at what they do!

I know it’s early days but I couldn’t be happier in my role and Recruit UK. For anyone looking for a role in recruitment, please just be aware that agencies will try to “sell you the dream” but until you start working there you’ll never know the reality. Luckily for me everything seems to be working out fantastically so far.

If you are interested in a role in recruitment or if you would like to hear more about opportunities to work for Recruit UK, call today on 01179-450450 for a confidential discussion.”

Keely Parsons, Financial Planning Recruitment Consultant for the South West


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