How to be the ripest candidate of the bunch!

Your recruiter has found you the perfect role, you’ve done your research and the job suits you perfectly. You know your stuff inside and out, right? Well yes, but the thing is you’re up against X, Y and Z, who are also perfect for the role and also know their stuff. We want to make sure you smash that final stage and get the offer you deserve!

Showcase your ambition

Think big. Employers will be looking for candidates that will be perfect for the job not only now, but also one, two, three years down the line. Employee retention is important, as losing staff and hiring new ones is a huge cost to a business. It is within a companies financial interests to employ a candidate who is in it for the long run, therefore you should make it your mission to sell yourself as a long-term employee. Asking questions about internal career growth and development opportunities will show the employer how serious you are about the position and that you see this as a career rather than a short term role.

Go above and beyond

Think outside the box. Is there a way you can create an example of what you can offer the business? Could you create a presentation on what you hope to achieve in your first year of being with the business? Could you put some stats together to show the employer what you are capable of achieving? Putting in that extra hour or two of preparation may require your time, but will make you stand out against competitors and help you land that dream role.

Find some common ground

Try to find out some background to your interviewer, such as how long they’ve worked at the organisation and their interests etc. You can do this by glancing at their social profiles, linking in with them on LinkedIn, or asking a bit about them during the interview. If you have previously met them in a previous interview, it is fair to assume they believe you are a great skill fit, and they are now looking for what type of colleague you will make. Discussing some non work-related points will allow you to connect on a personal level, allowing them to picture someone they could see themselves managing or working alongside.

Have some proof prepared

If successful, your new employer will require some background/ reference checks. This is part of the recruitment process, and more often that not will be conducted by HR to confirm you have simply done all the things you’ve said that you have. Recommendations are a valuable marketing tool, try to gather as much reference material prior to your final interview as possible. These could be testimonials on your LinkedIn page or employer reviews and recommendations. Being able to talk about these, and provide evidence, will help your hiring manager feel you are a credible and safe employment choice.

The follow up

You have just spoken to a very important decision maker. Whilst you may have left the interview with a very clear memory of the conversation and the points you managed to get across, you cannot be sure the hiring manager will feel the same. If the employer has interviewed a few candidates, who have asked the same questions, and discussed similar points, it is likely they could muddle up the candidate responses. Sending an email to thank the person for their time they spent with you comes across as professional and polite, it is also an opportunity for you to briefly recap on your most important messages.

Recruit UK offer a full interview preparation service. Let’s face it, it’s probably been a while since you have interviewed for a new job. We will go over the basics of how best to present yourself at interview, break down the types of questions that are asked, identify areas of weakness and prepare you to deal with the uncomfortable questions surrounding this. We will ensure your CV presents you in the best way, and if there is a role play or test, we’ll know about it and prepare you for this to! For our full list of current vacancies follow this link, or call us today on 01179 450450 to confidentially discuss career opportunities in your area.

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