Travelling more than 20 minutes to work? You could be affecting your well-being.

When we consider a new job, very few of us give too much thought into the length of time it may take to travel to the workplace on a daily basis, especially if it’s close to home, we drive, or have good access to public transport.

Surprisingly there are many people who travel unbelievably long distances to and from work every day. In fact, take London, for example. There are even workers who will fly in and out from France and Belgium and even further afield every day!

But why do they choose to do this, what is the cost and do they have any alternative solutions?

The daily commute to work is familiar to many of us, but for many of those who travel long distances, the decision to do so is usually a difficult one and can often come at a sacrifice to their work/life balance.

Many people may work in the city centre, this may be a choice in order to pursue their chosen career and/or earn the kind of income that supports their lifestyle. Others may decide to commit to the long commute to work for the money, prestige, better holiday allowances etc. However, they tend to neglect other factors of key importance which tend to suffer such as their health, personal relationships, social connections, time for hobbies etc.

Some might say that it’s necessary to make a long-distance journey as they wouldn’t be able to afford the cost of housing if they lived closer to the city in which they work. Others may live further from the city as they prefer a rural lifestyle, maybe is more suitable for their family, children’s schools, peaceful lifestyle etc

The biggest effects on long commutes to work tend to relate to stress-related health issues, the impact upon personal relationships and performance at work. Long hours of commuting, especially if you’re driving, is associated with high blood pressure, increased anger and resentment at work, absenteeism, lateness, and an ability to concentrate and perform to the same standards as those who live in much closer proximity to the workplace.

Maybe it’s time you relieved some stress, got your work/life balance back and looked for a career a little closer to home. Each of our recruitment consultants is responsible for a region and specific roles, such as Paraplanning, Financial Planning or Administration, meaning they specialise in finding niche roles in your location.  Our recruiters act as your liaison to hiring managers, share industry information and resources that support your job hunt, and even help coach you on the finer points of assembling your job-search materials. Working with a recruiter is almost as simple as saying, “Please find me a job.” We have some exciting new opportunities for Financial Planning/ admin positions across the UK, click here to find vacancies in your area.

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