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What Millennials Really Want in a Company Culture

March 13, 2018

Attracting talent is a challenge that faces every business owner. Structuring your work environment in a way that is appealing to prospective employees is essential.

An alluring workplace culture is a key to obtaining the young talent needed to stimulate business growth. What follows are 9 ideals that any company should strive for if trying to attract capable millennials.

1. Openness

Transparency in the workplace is something employees crave. A lack of transparency can alienate potential workers and make it difficult for them to understand their prospective role in your business.

When considering a job, millennials want to know both the vision of their soon-to-be employer and what their role will be in actualizing that vision. Being clear about the aspirations of your business and the parts you intend for desired employees to play is vital in establishing an attractive company culture.

2. Excitement

Generating excitement around the projects your business engages in is a difference maker for capable people seeking employment. The aura surrounding what your company does can often motivate employees more than what your company does for workers.

Marketing your goods and services is important when attracting customers, and the same is true when trying to draw difference making employees.

3. Innovation

Doing things differently is intriguing. If your business can revolutionise an industry that is fantastic, but even if it can’t, figuring out how to make what your company does or how it operates distinct separates you from competitors.

When choosing a new job, capable employees will gravitate towards new and unique over ancient and commonplace.

4. Mentorship

Good workers want to do good work. Making it clear that your employees have the guidance necessary to excel in their role is huge. A workplace culture that includes mentorship opportunities for new employees is a more comfortable choice for those that care about the quality of their work.

5. Positivity

Optimism is attractive. A culture that breeds hope and confidence in the future is ideal. A positive outlook on what the future has to bring inspires prospective workers to envision themselves as a part of your bright future.

Talented people strive to be better and making it clear that your business expects greatness makes it easier for talented people to foresee themselves as your employee.

6. Speed and efficiency

If you are trying to attract difference making employees, show that your business makes a difference by realizing goals promptly. Showing that your company achieves its goals quickly lets prospective workers know that they can make a real impact.

No one wants to be a cog in a slow-moving machine. Creating a culture that values speed, efficiency and a productive work environment will attract people that are speedy and efficient.

7. Flexibility

Capable people who are confident in their abilities desire freedom. Working for a company that values its employees enough to allow them to approach work the way they want is desired.

One can instantiate workplace flexibility in several ways, for example, freedom to adjust one’s work schedule or approach to assignments.

8. Trust

Illustrating that your company trusts its workers makes it a vastly more attractive environment. Employees strongly desire trust. Making it clear that you have confidence in your staff’s ability to efficiently complete tasks is essential when trying to attract talent.

Showing that you are willing to rely on the judgment of those that work for you entices people who are confident in their decision-making ability.

9. Responsibility

People who are good at what they do want to be able to show it. If a company does not provide its employees with real responsibilities, then it is overly challenging for workers to prove their worth. A workplace that has individuals responsible for concrete aspects of the business is far more appealing than those that do not.


Enticing productive workers is no easy charge. One of the first things the desired job seeker evaluates when selecting employment is workplace culture.

Designing a company that appeals to the core desires of potential workers is mainly about balancing a clear an optimistic vision for your company’s future with respect for individuality and trust in your employees.

Brad Mishlove, CEO and founder of Catapult Groups, an executive coaching organization is committed to inspiring business owners and entrepreneurs by keeping them accountable for their own success through peer advisory groups and one-on-one executive coaching.

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