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IFA’s, want a Digital Marketer without employing one?

June 22, 2018

How much business are you losing to your competitors because you haven’t embraced digital marketing? Through my experience the advice companies that embrace digital marketing are generating more quality client leads, retaining clients and hiring the best talent. An IFA I am working with currently had to turn off their leads source as they were generating too much interest! They also increased revenue for their advisers by 100%, and the cherry on the cake was that they hired 2 advisers directly! 

Are you a digital marketing manager? Of course not, you are a financial adviser, you’re meant to be doing what you do best- nurturing your relationships and winning new clients.

Do I need a digital marketing manager? The world has changed, your shop window is now online! Communication of your brand is the key to retaining and winning clients, whilst also ensuring you are a recognised stand-out brand in your region. A Digital Marketer will help nurture existing relationships, and help you win new business. 

What does a digital marketing manager do?  A Marketing Manager will manage your online and digital marketing, create compelling copy for blogs, newsletters, run email marketing campaigns and social media adverts that generate quality leads. They ensure that you as a brand are being seen by your clients and professional introducers. They work alongside brand managers and website developers, to make sure your online presence is professional and current, and you are being seen.

Sounds expensive? Hiring a digital marketing manager can be expensive, anywhere between £40,000 – £60,000. If you then add on marketing and design costs, you are looking closer to £80,000- £100,000.

I don’t want to hire a digital marketing manager what other options are out there?  It’s all about aligning yourself, and your business, with a forward-thinking company that embraces digital marketing, a business that understands what it’s like to be an IFA and has proven strategies to help your business grow in the online world.

I am working with an innovate business that are embracing digital marketing, so you don’t need to. On top of this, they offer full paraplanning support, complete branding set up, professional introducer training, finance to help your business grow and a retained niche financial planning recruiter that finds the right candidates for your business at no cost to you.  All this for 12.5% pay away for AR’s and 25% for RI’s. This is highly unique, they are only looking to grow to 25 practices and equity is on offer. This is a true IFA run by IFA’s, they are brand new and building on solid foundations that see their advisers increase turnover by 100%.

Call me to discuss recent adviser case studies, and to request a full breakdown of this opportunity.  This is an exclusive opportunity through Recruit UK, you will not have seen this anywhere else.

Isn’t it about time you entered the digital world of IFA?


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