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May 29, 2018

Having been at Recruit UK for just over a year, I can safely say that I am very glad I took the rather daunting step of changing my career path completely.

Before Recruit UK, I was an experienced manager in retail, and had been for over 10 years. I was accomplished at sales, but the set up was very different, and it involved a lot more face-to-face sales rather than telephone sales.

I decided that I wanted to get out of retail and find a job where I could make money, but also have a great work/life balance, and not have to work weekends and be in early on Boxing Day for the sales! It was important for me to find a company that I enjoyed being part of and could see myself there for the long-term.

I faced a lot of challenges in my first 6 months; adjusting to new systems, building my confidence around cold-calling, getting to know the team around me and fitting in. I was given a warm welcome though, and encouragement along the way. I’m proud to say that I was awarded the companies “Best Newcomer Award” for 2017 and am now enjoying the rewards of a successful first year in the role.

To be successful in recruitment, you need to have the desire to succeed and make money. You should want to be able to build great relationships, get to know people- you need to be a people person, and have a good amount of tenacity! You should have a passion for working with people and understanding their needs. You need to be able to build quality relationships with colleagues and clients alike.

If you are thinking about going into recruitment, you should know what your plan is for the next few years and how you are going to achieve it. Find a sector that you believe in and know that you can succeed in. It will be tough for the first few months, but if you believe in yourself and persevere it will all be worth it!

Russell Davies, Recruitment Consultant for the Midlands 


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